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Harvest Point Design presents our clients a pathway to resilience and independence. We specialize in designing integrated and ecologically tuned landscapes that bank natural resources, improve land-use efficiency, and provide security and peace of mind. We provide strategic eco-habitat assessment  and resource management planning and design for any size property and develop a robust suite of site-specific systems designed to manifest your vision for lifestyle and resiliency.

Our founder, Chris, has over 16 years of experience in ecological restoration, permaculture, and regenerative agriculture. As a native Ashevillian, Chris has a deep appreciation for the unique Southern Appalachian environment he has  chosen to call home, and he is a lifelong steward of the land he inhabits. He is fortunate to be the father of 4 wild and curious children, husband to a loving and supportive wife, and river restoration engineer by trade. To the permaculture consulting field, Chris brings a unique perspective from his engineering background. He views the farm as an ecologically based system of systems and implements sound engineering principles to ensure those systems are streamlined and well integrated to improve efficiency, profitability and predictability.

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Site Assessment

Harvest Point Design will assess your current operation and/or property, typically via a combination of remote and in-person observation. We will prepare preliminary spatial mapping to document existing resources and will evaluate various aspects of the property such as soils, precipitation and temperature trends, solar aspect, topography, and others. This site assessment will serve as the baseline from which your design will take shape.

Comprehensive Site Design

Harvest Point Design will prepare a comprehensive site plan for your project. We will detail potential earthwork activities, revegetation and cropping plans, materials staging, movement and access plans. These plans may be used by a contractor to implement your project in a coordinated push, or by the property owner to chip away at implementation over many seasons.

Resource Management Planning

Harvest Point Design will help you manage your existing and planned resources efficiently. We have expertise in water harvest, storage, distribution and reuse; fertility generation and planning; livestock integration and management systems; energy generation, storage and planning; and food production, harvest, and planning. Your precious resources deserve to be managed intentionally so your time and energy are not wasted.

Operations Optimization

Harvest Point Design prefers to observe your operation "in motion" so we can witness the major movements, flows, trends, bottlenecks and inefficiencies that are sometimes difficult to describe and almost always undetectable from the inside perspective. We borrow from LEAN principles to reduce waste and streamline workflow management. We understand you want to get the most out of the labor you put in.

Project Implementation Management

We have extensive experience managing complex construction projects and are ready to coordinate between landowners and contractors. We can provide construction oversight to ensure your project is being implemented correctly so you can feel supported during the construction process and that your construction dollars are not wasted. We also provide operation and maintenance manuals for the systems we design so you can feel confident in your ability to continue operations independently once project implementation is complete.


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